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Washi Paper Yarn Blended Henley T-Shirt and Paper Yarn Blended High Density Cotton Henley Neck T-Shirt

Washi Paper Yarn Blended Henley T-Shirt and Paper Yarn Blended High Density Cotton Henley Neck T-Shirt

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【Japanese Washi Fiber】

Japanese paper fiber and high density cotton fiber
After 11 steps of mixing,
Natural plant raw materials have a porous structure,
With the effect of ventilation and breathability, it can quickly absorb sweat and guide the sweat to the surface of the fabric to evaporate quickly.
stay dry,
The smooth fiber surface is smooth and non-sticky.
And without adding chemical additives,
Prevents the growth of bacteria,
To achieve the performance of anti-moth, antibacterial and anti-odor,
Reduces the risk of fungal infection of the skin.

Ideal for use in products that come into contact with human skin,
Revolutionize your wearing experience.

【Traditional four colors】

Moon White (げっぱく)
In the Nara period, the moon-white color was loved by everyone.
According to the moonlight, the silver is white.
The moon rises in the sky, gradually becoming brighter and whiter,
The cool and shallow feeling is born of whiteness.

Shengse (かついろ)
Samurai in the Kamakura period believed that Katsushi was a brave and auspicious color,
I like the simplicity and roughness of dark blue dyeing,
Blue and tough association, and highlight the thick texture of the fabric,
Good collocation, can flexibly cope with a variety of occasions.

Charcoal (けしずみいろ)
Color names after the Meiji era,
Like a pole extinguishing a burning coal fire,
The momentary appearance of smoking,
and the color of cooling when the charcoal is blown off after it is extinguished,
Quiet dark gray, low-key quiet.
Used as the color of clothing, solemn and elegant,
The versatile properties of this color can also be used in different seasons.

Yellow Sea Pine Tea (きみるちゃ)
It is more yellowish than the popular "sea pine tea" in the Edo period.
Yellow-green with gray tea tones, more elegant,
In a modern shade of olive green,
It goes well with earth tones.

【Cat's Eye White Shell】

Choose environmentally friendly materials as buttons,
The whole real shell is polished, the texture is stronger,
The loss rate of natural shellfish is extremely high,
Need to use hand sewing process to sew,
Display high-quality details.

Colour: Moon White (White) / Victory Color (Dark Blue) / Charcoal (Grey) / Yellow Sea Pine Tea (Olive)

Size: S / M / L / XL


Size S: Length 65cm / Chest 54cm / Shoulder 44cm / Sleeve 23cm
Size M: Length 67cm / Chest 56cm / Shoulder 46cm / Sleeve 24cm
Size L: Length 69cm / Chest 58cm / Shoulder 48cm / Sleeve 25cm
XL: Length 71cm / Chest 60cm / Shoulder 50cm / Sleeve 26cm

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