Modify / Repair Service Jeans modification / repair service

Have you tried the following questions?

Feeling too long after buying jeans? Waist too big? Trousers too wide?
The jeans I bought before were perfect for me, but they ripped after wearing them for a while!
I tried taking the jeans to an ordinary changing shop for modification, but the red ears were cut off and the washing pattern was damaged, and the shape of the pants was changed to a weird one!

1. Professional jeans modification service

We have jeans craftsmen with more than 30 years of professional experience,
For your beloved trousers with the finest handmade,
Disassemble the whole pair of pants, measure the size to be modified,
And remove the excess fabric and then recombine,
The minimum working time for each pair of pants is 4 hours.
The production time and scheming are not comparable to those of ordinary clothing shops.

2. Professional Jeans Repair Service

Your beloved jeans broke after wearing them for a while,
Do you want to patch it up with a piece of cloth?
Our hand darning technique can help you save him!
The darning technique originated in Japan, with stitches of the same or similar colors,
Rearrange and weave in the direction of the fabric weave at the hole position,
Intended to consolidate damaged fibers.

【Store address】

426 Shanghai Street , Mongkok 03 , 11th Floor, Wanshichang Center

【Business hours】
13:00 - 19:30 (Monday to Friday)
13:00 - 20:30 (Saturday and Sunday)
* Subject to Facebook Page announcement

[ Important Notice ]

[ Only accept jeans or denim ]

【Categories not accepted for modification】

Suit pants, sports pants, knitted pants

Chain Foot Shortening Service : Stretch Jeans

above categories do not disturb

[ All services are not subject to negotiation ]

Due to the large number of orders

Modification and repair services adjust the completion days according to the order quantity

14 to 20 working days

Please understand that this service is a fine craftsmanship and technical work

don't rush Thank you for your cooperation

【Jeans modification service】

Change hip circumference $300

Waist change $300

Narrow pants $250

Short pants $250

Change the chain foot $150

Ordinary shortened by $100

Change the original trousers $250

* Original trousers are made by shortening the original wash pattern on the trousers and then reapplied

Retains the wash water pattern, making the appearance more natural and no trace of modification visible.

* There is a chance that the waist circumference needs to be modified together with the hip circumference, which is in line with the structural proportion and subject to the judgment of the master.

Notes on repairing / modifying services】

Pants must be washed properly before they are handed over to us,

Any uncleaned / peculiar smell / foreign body / abnormal condition

None of them will be accepted, subject to the judgment of the staff present.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[Denim top modification service]
Shrunk $370
Waist trim $350
Change the length of the short coat $300
Change shirt sleeves $300
Change narrow shirt sleeves $300
[Patching Service]
From $250 per patch range,
The actual charge is based on the degree of damage,
location and quantity,
Welcome to provide photos for our evaluation first.

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