Full House Denim & Workshop is a full range of professional denim brands in Hong Kong.
Founded in 2012, it has a team of professional jeans craftsmen to explore all possibilities of denim materials.

【Service Content】
Denim Clothing Men's and Women's Denim Clothing
Production Order (FOB / OEM / CMT) to undertake production orders
Tailor-made Jeans Tailor-made jeans
Jeans Process
Modify / Repair Service
Workshop Event
【Media Interview/Participated Activities】
J.Crew Tote Bag & DIY Jeans Workshop@IFC
J.Crew Tote Bag Workshop & DIY Jeans@On Lan Street
J.Crew Tote Bag Workshop @Harbour City
Harvey Nicolas Tote Bag & DIY JeansWorkshop @Landmark
J.Crew Tote Bag Workshop & DIY Jeans@Time Square
Lee Jeans HK - DIY Denim Jeans Workshop
Daydream Nation - DIY Denim Jens Workshop
Interviewed by dENiZEN ® | Invited to make instructional video RTHK2 RTHK2@
Viutv @shoot HK01 @visit cable TV@visit​
Capital Magazine Capital @ Interview Fruit Seed @ Interview Apple Daily @ Visit Sing Tao Daily @ Visit Oriental Daily @ Visit Metro Daily @ Product Shooting
Milk Magazine @ Product Shoot New Holiday @ Visit New Monday Magazine @ Visit
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