It is hard to find a pair of trousers that fit your heart. Have you encountered the following problems?
High-end customized services are common in suits, shirts, shoes, and even furniture.
Why aren't the jeans that almost everyone owns made to order?
Are you tired of the formula jeans of big brands?
Don't you want to be like a uniform, the same style as a stranger on the street?
Are you having trouble finding the right size and cut jeans?
The waist size bought outside is suitable, but the thighs are too tight?
Or the calf is too wide, narrow and lose the original cut?
Design some styles yourself, but can't find a manufacturer?
Modern people have never been short of clothes,
What you lack is what you like,
What is lacking is uniqueness,
If you have an idea but no way to implement it,
Come to us and help you become a designer!

The customization here is that there is no established formula and is not standardized.
Fabric, cut, hardware, stitching, details and more, it's all up to you!
We are not afraid of complicated styles, as long as you have requirements and ideas,
Welcome to find us to realize your personal design.
We cannot resist the imitation of others, but we can do it more professionally.
Only unique clothing can highlight the taste.
Create Your Own Style.
- In order to ensure the quality, the denim fabrics produced in Japan are used-

1) Primary Color Style From $2180

2) Washing style From $2480

3) Washed style + tattered or other craftsmanship [ From $2880 ]

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