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Ukiyo-e Samurai Socks

Ukiyo-e Samurai Socks

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Ukiyo-e socks - samurai-e series
Ukiyo-e Samurai Socks

Ukiyo-e (Japanese: ukiyo-e / うきよえ) is a Japanese art form of painting that became popular during the Edo period due to its ingenious combination with woodblock typography.

Sock printing is printed on the surface by thermal transfer,
Images are refined and detailed without fading.


【Black】 Tianzhu Tokubei - It is said that in order to realize his father's will to subvert Japan, he learned to control the sorcery of big toads.

【Blue】 Sakata strange boy pill (Kintaro)
- The childhood name of Sakata Kinoshi, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Laiguang, and a hero in Japanese folklore.
Legend has it that it is a child with strange powers, who grew up in Mount Ashigara in Sagami Country (Kanagawa Prefecture), the son of Yamama, who made friends with animals and wrestled with bears in the mountains. After acquaintance with Gen Laiguang, he became his retainer and changed his name to Sakata Kinoshi, a Shuten-douji who conquered Dajiangshan together.

【Red】 Er Lai is also a hero Tan
- Erlaiya (Erleiya) is a ninja who can summon a giant toad, he is the heir of a powerful tribe in Kyushu Island - the son of a noble family of Higo. (Prototype of famous anime character Jiraiya)


Size: Free Size (23cm - 29cm)
Material: 85% cotton , 15% Polyester
Note: The actual color of the product is different from the color effect of each monitor

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