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Japan Slub Cotton Henley T-Shirt

Japan Slub Cotton Henley T-Shirt

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Henry collar is launched every summer, classic and practical,
It has been in production for nearly 8 years.
Hong Kong is hot in summer, and a large area of cloth that is close to the skin,
It is important to be light, breathable, comfortable and cool.
This year marks the tenth anniversary of the brand's establishment.
Combining natural and regenerative themes,
Sustainable use, no more burden on your wardrobe.

【Imported Tianzhu cotton from Japan】
The fabric is added with natural fibers mixed with bamboo and hemp silk,
The hand feels smooth and the drape is very strong.
The woven fabric is flexible enough,
Excellent ductility, strong slub texture,
No-care ironing, excellent wrinkle resistance.
Yarns meet tightly blended,
Comfortable to wear.

【Chic and style color system】
"Squirrel Color (ねずみいろ)"
White and light gray, versatile and elegant.
"Pine green (まつばいろ)"
The tranquil pine green of a Japanese forest in midsummer.

【Black Butterfly Shell】
Choose environmentally friendly materials as buttons,
The loss rate of natural shellfish is extremely high,
Need to use hand sewing process,
And the color presents a charming illusion similar to silverware,
Solid gray high-grade taste color,
The refraction of light at different angles will be wide,
Blue, green, purple, red, various effects
-Details appear high quality.

【Old machine weaving】
Weaving of slow fabrics will show uneven texture,
After many improvements, it is suitable for a variety of body types.
The collar is made of multi-needle thickened stitching for sturdiness and durability.

Wear it in hot summer, feel cool,
It is very suitable for occasions,
Don't stick to one style.

Colour: Squirrel (ねずみいろ) / Pine Green (まつばいろ)
Size: S / M / L / XL
Size S: Length 63cm / Chest 49cm / Shoulder 43cm / Sleeve 20cm
Size M: Length 65cm / Chest 52cm / Shoulder 45cm / Sleeve 21.5m
Size L: Length 67cm/ Chest 54cm/ Shoulder 47cm/ Sleeve 22.5cm
XL: Length 69cm / Chest 56cm / Shoulder 48cm / Sleeve 24cm

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布料好厚實 like

布料好厚實 like

not bad


local brand有咁高質 好少有

local brand有咁高質 好少有