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Indigo Kendo Haori Botanical Dyed Zhenglan Yuori【10th Anniversary Series】

Indigo Kendo Haori Botanical Dyed Zhenglan Yuori【10th Anniversary Series】

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From the kendo clothing fabrics ordered from Japanese suppliers last year,

Weaving and dyeing with imported cotton yarn,
The manufacturing process is time-consuming and difficult,
Natural fermentation of plant dyes is required first,
And must rely on the indigo dyer's familiarity with dyes and color sensitivity,
And weather, temperature, humidity, will directly affect the results.

After 3 months of fermentation, the pure white cloth can be dyed blue.
After 5 repetitions of dyeing, a solid and layered, full and delicate blue is achieved.
With the popularization of the mode of industrialized rapid production,
This "thankful" traditional special technique has become increasingly rare.

The characteristics of indigo dyed fabrics will gradually fade with use,
Over the years, it develops a unique and exclusive thing.

Understated and extreme,
The bosom friend needs no more words.

Due to the time and cost of making this fabric,
Therefore, only a very small amount can be produced,
while stocks last.
Colour: Indigo
Size: 0 yards / 1 yards

Size 0: Length 72cm / Bust 135cm / Shoulder 57cm / Sleeve 60cm
Size 1: Length 76cm / Bust 143cm / Shoulder 61cm / Sleeve 64cm

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