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Boro Koinobori

Boro Koinobori

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Created by traditional Japanese crafts ragged and thorn embroidery ) was originally a samurai family in the Edo period in Japan,
On the rainy days during the Meiyu period of the Dragon Boat Festival (that is, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month),
Paper, paper used in front of homes by families wishing to have a boy
Cloth and other patterns depicting carp,
Make it flutter in the wind, imitating the wind streamer of carp swimming.
Also known as " Gao Banner ". Excerpted from Wikipedia

The cloth used for each carp flag is Aomori Prefecture indigo dyed ancient cloth.
Hand -stitched with ragged collage and thorn embroidery ,
Not all the same, phoenix scales and horns,
Corresponding to each owner with fate and timing, it is impossible to meet.

length 150cm x width 50cm

[Customized construction period is 14 to 20 working days]

[Please contact customer service for other customized styles]

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