香港古董牛仔服飾收藏家 —— Ricci

Hong Kong antique denim collector - Ricci

The connection between people, in addition to direct contact and face-to-face dialogue,
It can also lead to connection and communication through something, something, and a place.

Hungry, use the phone to order takeout and talk to the clerk,
The chef will cook for you after receiving the order, and then deliver it to your house.
This connection is triggered by "something" - you are hungry.

Going to work and going to get off work every day, taking the same line of cars every day,
Meet the same girl, and finally she becomes your partner,
This is through "somewhere".

This year is our first tenth anniversary,
In the past ten years, from now on, I have met everyone and got to know us.
Many of the more than 20,000 Fans have turned from guests into friends.
There are also many new ones following us,
This delicate connection,
I hope to continue to deepen the connection with you through this article - "This Thing".

“Hong Kong Antique Denim Collector — Ricci“

Cowboy/denim has a different meaning for everyone,
Some enjoy the fun of playing cows every day and changing clothes over the years.
Some of them hide their love for history and culture secretly.
The latter are usually a low-key class of collectors,
As far as the author knows, Ricci can be regarded as the leader.
Every time we meet, I suddenly take out a century-old vintage piece from my backpack to shock me...
For this cowboy fan who just became a father last year,
What's so special about this Father's Day?

'Stories through tattered flaws... Perfect Imperfection'

"Which one of your favorite denim collections is your favorite?"

I'd pick these 1930's Big Mac jeans.
At that time, it was produced by the department store JC Penney.
With suspender buttons, belt ears, buckle-back...
All the classic details come together to make a very iconic 30's style,
And the asymmetry of the "one high and one low" pin buckle on the back belt is also typical.
Looking back now it can be considered a 'perfect imperfection'.

What really attracts me is usually the backstory,
For example, this strong color fading effect is from a real cowboy,
Because the seller is a cowboy family member,
Throughout the collection, you can see the cowboy's life transformation between the 1920s and 1940s (waist measurements also ballooned from W33 to W40).
The circular print on his trouser pocket recorded the pocket watch he used every day,
It's a very interesting shade.

The most unique feature is the scratch on the inner thigh.
Occasionally see such traces from cowboys striking matches,
Because at that time non-safety matches were used,
So rubbing rough denim can easily ignite,
But most of them are on the outside of the thigh.
Rarely will strike a match on the inside like this one.

There is also a neatly rotten hole near the trousers,
It is caused by cowboy boots, commonly known as the so-called 'spur mark'.
To me, the above details seem to tell a story,
It's one of my criteria for judging whether it's worth collecting.

"Can you share the most exciting harvest of the next row?"

This 1900s Stronghold was unearthed in a mine.
Probably from a child laborer.
The age can be identified because the buttons are engraved with the initials of the three bosses when the company was founded.
According to history,
After one of them left in 1911 it became two initials lettering.

Coupled with the horseshoe button bottom and no bottom cover design commonly known as 'pig-nose',
It also represents tooling products before the 1910's.

"Which era of denim design do you admire most?"

In fact, the details of the First World War (1910's) to 1920's fascinated me the most,
Like this Eagleson & Co. work shirt with large shell buttons,
There are double fabric reinforcements in many places,
The shoulder patch and chin strap designs are also representative.
The chest pocket has a pen insert, and the sleeve design is also full of the elegant taste of early tooling.
In fact, it suits me well for work.

In addition, the diversity of the 1950's is also very attractive.
Western and workwear styles complement each other.
By 1960-70's Levi's was very avant-garde,
I have a collection of some colorful orange flag series produced,
I can also find details that I like in almost different eras.

'Antiques such as recording the life experience of the former owner, are a collection that will "add points". '

"If you were allowed to travel through time and space, which era would you choose?"

It must be the 1950s, no wars and absenteeism,
You can taste the experience of visiting a department store for the first time,
I can also get in touch with the locomotive culture I like,
Enjoy the age of freedom, materialism, rebellion.
And at that time, I could probably inherit a few pairs of buckle-back jeans from my parents.
No need to travel to the hard old west for them...

"What is your ultimate collector's item?"

I would want to find a prototype of jeans from the 1860-70's,
At that time, there was no nail reinforcement yet.
Under the condition that the sewing machine is not perfect, it involves a lot of manual hand finished,
Many details can be seen from the tailor's creativity and skill.
Witness the past and present of jeans.

"Did it affect your collecting habits after the birth of your daughter?"

From the first moment I knew she was coming,
Has started to collect children's clothing vintage series.
I like this Lee playsuits very much,
1920's fine workmanship, soft cotton,
It should be made from the herringbone sackcloth in the jeans.

The back waist release button is designed to facilitate children to go to the toilet, which is quite interesting.
I also have Levi's Koveralls from the same period,
The sewing production is a little more refined, which can be said to be the pioneer of denim children's clothing at that time.

"What does the color fall mean to you? Do you care about yourself or "fuck" it with your first hand? "

I think the denim fade itself is a record of life,
When searching for an antique, if you find that it contains the life experience of the previous owner,
For example, the color of the pocket watch and the scratches on the leather boots caused by a hundred years ago,
It will definitely be "plus points".
That's why,
I'm not really interested in the primary color deadstock that is so popular with collectors.

"Can you share the stories behind other colors you've seen?"

Some "non-artificial" color fading may be more rare,
For example, sun faded is exposed by the sun,
I saw a "checkered pattern" on the window frame of a denim jacket that was abandoned by the window for decades.
I have also seen a World War II 501 used to tie the throat for decades,
When it is unearthed, when you open it, you will see a unique color fall like a flame.
Probably caused by acid erosion and sun exposure.

"Do you have any unforgettable experiences in the process of collecting and buying and selling antiques with foreign dealers?"

On weekdays I will share and exchange information with vintage hunters such as Brit Eaton,
By the way, let's make up the female scriptures,
Also inspired by Michael Harris ( The author of ) has influenced many of my research directions,
But the most learned should be from John Gluckow,
When I have a problem, I will ask him.
Many foreign vintage shops will ask me for my opinion on the year and price.
I can also gain knowledge from it.
During the peak of the epidemic last year, I had more free time.
I wrote this ebook [Levi's Denim Jacket & History] for free download,
Try to study the changes and history of Levi's denim jacket over the years as first-hand as possible.

"If you could design whatever you want, what would be your dream jeans?"

- 10oz Amoskeag denim, right hand twill
- Streamlined pocket for more comfort
- The car flower in front of the bag has a reinforcing effect
- Corner leather or fabric reinforcement
- No pocket watch pocket

"After your daughter wears those valuable and valuable vintage clothes for children, are you willing to sell them?"

Of course no problem.
Because foreign vintage dealers sent her too many shirts,
The housing space is nearly full.
For example, these 1970's Lee kid's jeans are waiting for her to wear when she grows up.

"Do you want your daughter to know how to appreciate cowboys? Do you have a vintage education?"

Basically let's go with the flow,
But I'll also slowly seep into that vibe as she grows up.
After all, it is normal to like fast fashion as a child.
If there is a young girl who likes to wear century-old antiques,
I'm just worried that there is a problem!

"What kind of Father's Day gift would you like to receive this year?"

didn't expect anything,
I just want to have a peaceful day with my children and family,
Bring her to tin and let me have a taste.
On the contrary, my daughter often receives gifts from other collectors.
When I buy vintage from them, they often send me a children's clothing by the way,
So her wardrobe is actually pretty awesome.

"I'm holding on to the 70s Levi's 302!"


In fact, the old-fashioned and true saying,

Healthy and happy growth of children is the best gift.

I believe that Ricci's daughter was also influenced by "something" in this life,

Connect with father.

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