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【New Arrival】Waffle KF Polo Shirt

【New Arrival】Waffle KF Polo Shirt

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Men's classic straight placket,
The Polo collar is between formal wear and weekday private clothes.
Chinese subtle aesthetics,
Improve the inherent rigorous impression,
Manual buckles collide with waffles,
No need to worry about being too traditional and old-fashioned.

The fabric texture is three-dimensional, soft and comfortable,
Breathable and no ironing required.
It is easy to match inside or alone.
It can be easily controlled for daily use.
The loose cut is just right,
Optimize aesthetics and practicality.

The traditional color of " Dai Lan " is dark blue, delicate and beautiful.
The clear mountains are as blue as the water,
Bo Jingtian is full of green pools. ——Li Chen, "Ming Pei"

"Jia ash" is also called the ash of the jasmine.
Jia means the first reed;
Jiaji refers to the film on the inner wall of the reed stem.

The ancients burned the reed film into ashes and placed it in the law tube,
Keep it indoors to account for the climate.
When a certain season arrives, ashes fly out of a certain law tube,
indicates that the time has come.

"Children Qionglin. Volume one. Age Category":
"When the winter solstice arrives, the ashes fly, and when the autumn arrives, the sycamore leaves fall."

Colour: Dai blue / Jia gray
Size: S / M / L

Size S : Length 66cm / Chest 58cm / Shoulder 46cm / Sleeve 26cm

Size M : Length 68cm / Chest 60cm / Shoulder 48cm / Sleeve 27cm

Size L : Length 70cm / Chest 62cm / Shoulder 50cm / Sleeve 28cm

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