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Spring bamboo yarn jacquard hakama pants【10th anniversary series】

Spring bamboo yarn jacquard hakama pants【10th anniversary series】

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Hakama (Japanese:はかまHakama ),
It is a lower part of the Japanese kimono.
"Hakama" means pants,
It is actually taken from the military uniforms popular in Hanfu from the Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

It is in the volume of Li Kang's "Independence" in the Tang Dynasty:
"Liu Ling is fond of wine, and she often exposes herself without hanging silk, and people see it and blame her.
Ling said: 'I take heaven and earth as my building, and my house as my hakama.
You have nothing to do, why do you come into my robes? '

This shows that the historical traces of hakama,
From China to Japan, shuttle across geographical boundaries,
There is no shortage of trails.

Back to this - Chun Bamboo Yarn Jacquard Hakama Pants【10th Anniversary Collection】
Denim fabric woven using the unique jacquard craftsmanship produced in Japan,
The subtlety lies in the strong texture and texture,
Randomly arranged horizontal and vertical yarns,
Thick and full of texture, washable, wear-resistant and durable,

The waist follows the ancient design,
Waist-overlapping restraint, you can adjust the waist size by yourself,
It is also suitable for all feet and waist circumferences.
Flexibility is excellent.

The tailoring is also adjusted to the modern version,
Wide top to bottom with a slight pedicure.

Japanese materials, Hong Kong production, quality assurance.

A limited number, while stocks last.

Colour: Denim
Size: 0
yards / 1 yards

Size 0: Waist 70cm - 86cm / Length 103cm / Hips 110cm / Hem 38cm

Size 1: Waist 88cm - 102cm / Length 107cm / Hips 120cm / Hem 42cm

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