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RG15 18K Gurkha Pants

RG15 18K Gurkha Pants

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High-waisted trousers are in full swing this autumn and winter, and Gurkha Pants is certainly the first choice for the military uniform elements that must be found in the autumn series! The RG15 is made of medium-thickness twill and is cut with straight feet for a comfortable fit. The most eye-catching feature of the Gurkha Pants is the waist adjustment strap, with green bronze buttons. The role of sincerity is the 18K gold-plated pin buckle, which contains 75% pure gold. Gold is not just a precious metal. It represents dignity and abundance in ancient and modern times, and it is also a positive adjective, which is used to denote that certain things are extraordinary, excellent and precious. Wait.

Size: S / M / L / XL
Colour: Olive / Vintage White

S size: 72-74cm waist / 112cm hips / 60cm thighs / 40cm feet / 99cm pants length
Size M: 76-78cm waist / 114cm hips / 62cm thighs / 42cm feet / 101cm pants length
L size: 79-81cm waist / 116cm hips / 64cm thighs / 44cm feet / 104cm pants length
XL size: 83-85cm waist / 118cm hips / 66cm thighs / 46cm feet / 105cm pants length

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